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From the start of our establishment in 1989 with just six workers, Quarra Stone Company has been on a remarkable journey. Combining both cutting-edge techniques and timeless craftsmanship, we have provided exceptional stonework for a diverse range of projects, spanning from college campuses, the iconic U.S. Capitol and world reknowned museums. 

About Quarra Stone



Honoring Tradition with Cutting-Edge Innovation
At Quarra Stone Company, we continuously push the boundaries by amalgamating ancient techniques with modern innovation. Within our facility, you will witness the coexistence of high-tech robotic tools and time-honored practices. Our skilled craftsmen utilize diamond-encrusted blades and employ water to control dust while cutting through the stone. Over the years, we have invested heavily in technology, including advanced 3D scanners and robotic milling devices. Our dedication to both accuracy and craftsmanship is exemplified by our recent pursuit of ancient carving techniques through collaboration with renowned sculptor Martin Foot.

Bringing Artistic Visions to Life
Expanding our horizons further, we have embraced collaborations with fine artists. In addition to our expertise in architectural stonework, we cater to artists seeking to bring their visions to life on a grand scale. Artists approach us with drawings, digital files, or objects that we scan using our advanced 3D scanners. With our extensive array of specialized tools, massive equipment, and skilled craftsmen, we act as the hands that execute their artistic visions. We strive to make it easier for artists to guide us and ensure their ideas are translated seamlessly into stone.

About Quarra Stone
About Quarra Stone

Shaping Contemporary Narratives
At Quarra Stone Company, we understand that our work goes beyond mere stone carving. By engaging in projects that reflect and contribute to the current contemporary dialogue of our society, we are privileged to be part of shaping the public narrative of our time. This privilege was exemplified when we were entrusted with the removal of 20 statues related to the Confederacy or other controversial issues, following our work on the Memorial to Enslaved Laborers at the University of Virginia.

Major Expansion: New 25-Acre Facility
With our continuous growth, we are now poised for the next phase of expansion. In the coming summer, we will be relocating from our original six-acre site to a sprawling 25-acre former cornfield in Sun Prairie. This move will not only double our production capacity but also welcome an additional two dozen skilled workers over the next two years.  Read more here.

About Quarra Stone

We are proud of our accomplishments thus far, but we strive for constant improvement. With each passing day, we hone our skills and expertise, aiming to reach new heights in the world of stone fabrication.



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