United Factory Productions (UFP) is a consortium of manufacturers and fabricators that produce high-quality objects of architectural scale for interiors and exteriors. Founded in 2017 by industrial designer Jonathan Olivares who saw a need for a network of state-of-the-art factories, each specialized in a specific material and process, which will work together to realize complex projects. UFP member companies are experts in the fabrication of concrete, metal, stone and wood. They are united by digital prowess, exacting quality standards and a love of challenging jobs. 

While typical factories may think in a single material, UFP approaches manufacturing challenges with a wide array of materials and processes. With proven and innovative fabrication and manufacturing expertise, UFP exists to bring the optimal manufacturing process for every project. 

The UFP partners are:

STONE: Quarra Stone Company

WOOD: C. W. Keller Associates, Inc.  

CONCRETE: Concrete Works

METAL: Zahner Architecture Company

Jonathan Olivares is the UFP sales contact and can be reached at 301-972-1516 or email info@unitedfactory.productions

For the most recent project photos please visit the UFP website´╗┐

Brujas Performance Facility, New York City 

Steel and Stone Rockers, Designed by Leong Leong and Produced for Friedman Benda 2018

Granite and Wood Bench, Designed by Jonathan Olivares 2018