Vals Quartzite

Vals Quartzite 

Quarried in the Swiss Alps.

Suitable for interior & exteriors applications even in freeze/thaw, salt rich winter enviroments.  

Prodominately grey with tonal range including blues, greens, white, and blacks.

Reflective silver mica and white quartz found throughout in varying degrees and patterns.  

Achieved architectural legendary status from the Priztker Prize winning Peter Zumthor's Therme Spa.  

Standard piece sizes & custom cut to size.  

Absorption by weight, mas %
Test Method:
Density, min Ib/ft^3
Test Method:
Compressive strength, min psi
Test Method:
Modulus of Rupture, min psi
Test Method:
Abrasion resistance, min H
Test Method:
Flexural strength, min psi
Test Method:

Valser  (Vals) Quartzite. Its beauty speaks for itself!  For three generations, the Truffer family has carefully handled this stone from their backyard mountain. We quarry in the town of Vals, Switzerland and process the natural stone in their factory.   Nature invested 50-million years creating it. We place a strong emphasis on environmental protection and managing the visual impact.

Vals Quartzite from Vals Switzerland Color Range.  Direct from the factory, Vals Quartzite finishes include sawn face, hone, split-face, sandblasted and polished. This brilliant grey, grey with white veining, grey with green hue plus limited amounts of green eyes are available. Suitable for interior and exterior applications, even pools

As the exclusive North American sales representative for Truffer AG Quarrier of Vals Quartzite, let’s build something amazing!  Our entire team is delighted to get started! Please call us at 608-246-8803 or email  


Therme Spa

Recognized for its lovely beauty, Vals is a coveted building material for architects throughout the world. International renowned architect, Peter Zumthor designed the Therme Spa as Switzerland’s crown jewel.   

Eaton Center Headquarters | Map of the world crafted with honed floor tiles with trapezoidal cuts

Slopeside Wine Cellar | Broken Face Wall & Natural Cleft Floor

Swarthmore, PA College Residence Halls | Sawn Cut

Cayres Residence, New York | Layered Masonry

Belmont Residence, Boston | Sawn Cut & Honed

Private Residence | Broken Face  Layered Masonry

Today, through an exclusive North American partnership, the Durham family and the Quarra Stone Company makes Vals available for your special projects.  (L to R: Pia Truffer, Sokrates Truffer, Jim Durham and Lincoln Durham)